Pet Spray

100% natural & contains pure New Zealand
Medical Grade Manuka Honey


Fantastic easy to use, my cat came home with an injury on his ear, one squirt to the wound twice a day without the struggle of trying to hold cat still to apply. Wound totally healed within 3 days.

Janine F


Excellent all round product.Used this on my Flemish Giant Rabbit who had pus filled scabs caused by dermatitis. After bathing it and treating with this amazing product it has cleared up beautifully. My son used it too on grazes and helped to heal them quickly. Great value for money and a great overall service. Will be ordering again very soon.

Anita W


Marvellous .Bought this for our border collie who had a cut on his paw, sprayed it on covered it with pet bandage + hey presto in 2 days it was healed.

Beverly T


Easy to use and excellent at healing. Used it on a bite from a dog on our dog. Cleaned the area with salt water and applied the honey. It was easy to use and is an amazing healing ointment. The bite healed within a week and the honey was gentle enough that our dog didn’t show any sign of irritation whatsoever. Highly recommend this item.

Lin J

It Really Works!

100% PURE, NATURAL MANUKA HONEY: This Manuka Honey Spray for pets is 100% natural from Manuka trees grown in New Zealand. Manuka honey has been used for years as a natural way to heal wounds. What makes ours different, and better, is that we’ve formulated a Manuka honey spray that is safe for animals.

For Pet Owners

Why Use Manuka Safe pet Spray?

New Zealand Medical Grade Manuka Honey is clinically proven to have a high level of antimicrobial and healing properties. Truly beneficial for superior health and wellbeing.

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  • Faster

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ManukaSafe Pet Spray is designed to harness all the powerful healing properties of New Zealand Grade Manuka Honey in a revolutionary and easy to use spray bottle.

  • Eliminates

  • Easy to

  • 100%

For Vet Professionals

Vet Practices in New Zealand have achived Impressive result using this Medical Grade Manuka Honey Spray

Vet Professionals commented on how easy it was to apply to frightened animals.

Once applied the spray dries to form an anti-bacterial protective barrier, helping wounds to quickly heal.