Manuka Honey provides Rapid and Fast healing of wounds in dogs and cats

Manuka Honey provides Rapid and Fast healing of wounds in dogs and cats

Medical Grade Manuka Honey is suitable to use on dogs, cats and all pets.

It delivers anti-oxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties that promote rapid, fast and improved healing of your pet’s minor cuts, wounds and abrasions

It is able to heal and fix the most harmful of bacterial infested injuries from burns, cuts, post surgery wounds, you name it. When compared to the most conventional treatments in the medical industry, Manuka Honey has slightly more superior effects for acute wounds and superficial thickness burns (Yaghoobi, Kazerouni and Kazerouni, 2013)

Manuka Honey's high sugar count is a property in particular that enables antibacterial and microbially activity to occur. The osmotic effect and sugar level count prevents the growth and severity of wound infections. Professor Peter Molan (1998) performed a study and review on manuka honey, polyurethane film, amniotic membrane, silver sulfadiazine and saline when healing partial thickness burns and bed sores. It resulted in Manuka Honey gauze having the shorter healing time in comparison with the other dressings. This scientific evidence proves that Manuka honey has revolutionized the way of healing bacterial infected wounds and abrasions.

So why use it for yourself or your friendly household pet?

A great thing about Manuka Honey is that it is 100% pure and natural. It doesn’t contain anything that is chemically harmful for your body and it is a great source of natural healing properties.

Manukasafe  manuka honey  spray is particular useful on open wounds on dogs and cats as once sprayed on the wound it dries to form a protective layer with no need for additional plasters or dressings.

In comparison to other products on the market to support the healing of topical wounds; evidence shows that there is a greater advantage in using Manuka Honey due to its rapid and fast healing traits. Medical grade Manuka Honey is the faster healing options with natural healing properties.


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